HOW TO WATCH PTV ON Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 ,10 and 11

VLC Media Player
We have already an IPTV player with the name VLC media player. It is one of the best applications that manages all your local media. The VLC Media Player not only manages local media, but also allows you to easily broadcast IPTV content.

The VLC Media Player broadcasts IPTV using m3u files. You only need the latest version of VLC to broadcast your favorite content. Follow these steps to broadcast IPTV in VLC :

  • Open VLC
  • Go to Media -> Open Network Streams
  • Enter the URL of the video or live tv and click on Play

The VLC will start broadcasting the content you wanted to see. Interface is simple and easy to understand. This is why people always say that VLC is the best IPTV player for Windows.